Beach Elementary School Design Update

Working closely with Calvert County Public Schools and the Town of Chesapeake Beach, SEI is designing a unique replacement school for Beach Elementary that meets the needs of a578 student state rate capacity. The new school design is inspired by a lighthouse concept where in the heart of the building there is a central 3-story academic wing that offers breath taking views of the Chesapeake Bay. Vigorous collaboration with stakeholders is allowing us to meticulously craft the details of the school’s layout for next generation learning while working seamlessly with their future operation. The LEED Silver building and site will ultimately embody the community’s dedication to its natural environment which will be reflected in the massing, interior design, and outdoor learning environments. 



ran_square_copy22.jpg   krystal_square_copy5.jpg   rochelle_cusimano_square_copy1.jpg

chester_fernando_square-correct_copy1.png   nic_przybocki_square.jpg   erika_fernando_square.jpg

cody_steele_square_copy1.jpg   ben_square.jpg   matthew_mcgourty_square.jpg