Laura Gladhill Retires

Tags: SEI Staff Announcements

After over 20 years leading the financial and general management of SEI’s firm operations, Laura Gladhill is retiring to spend quality time with her family. We imagine the great experiences she will have with her children, grandchildren and family both at home and in the Outer Banks, which we know she loves!

We will miss Laura’s counsel and impact on a daily basis. Over the years, Laura has been both a personal and professional mentor to everyone who has set foot in her office. She was a rudder for the corporation; maintaining stability and guiding the firm through both calm and rough waters.

Laura’s era represents 1/3 of SEI’s rich 61 year history we are all so proud of! She will leave behind a legacy that is so much stronger than what she inherited when she started at SEI over 20 years ago. Laura, you will be dearly missed but we hope you will never be too far away!