Meade High School Schematic Design Complete

SEI worked with Meade High School, Fort Meade, and Anne Arundel County Public School staff to develop a schematic design, tailored to the school’s extremely high capacity and special programs specific to its military enrollment.

SEI staff collaborated with stakeholders from the school and community to develop a plan that not only meets ed spec requirements, but also respects recently revitalized portions of the building. Trying to address the facility’s scale and offer flexible opportunities for 21 st Century Learning has played a major role in the Schematic Design phase.

Moving forward by laying out all building spaces with appropriate sizes, locations, and adjacencies, staff architects focused on a design that would achieve that mission. “We wanted to make the circulation pattern simple and clean to help with the flow of traffic,” said Brian McCracken, Staff Architect at SEI. “It was key to accommodate the large number of spaces and occupants, while also providing 21 st Century Learning Environments.”

“Community is a big part of our goal,” said Monica Caley, Staff Architect at SEI. “Creating open, public spaces for people to interact is a great way to encourage social activities and community events.”

“We’re excited to create a space where students want to learn”, said Monica.

SEI is proud of their work on this project and looks forward to the next phase of what’s to come. Stay tuned…