Project Design Feature: Sharpsburg ES Media Center

Tags: New Educational Elementary Sustainability

One’s of SEI’s favorite design features at the new Sharpsburg Elementary School is the Media Center. The centerpiece of the design became the media center which is adjacent to the school’s Learning Studio. The media center features a mixture of stacks, teaching walls, technology, distance learning furniture and windows on the media center’s perimeter to allow for all mobile furniture in its core, promoting full adaptability. The adjacent Learning Studio provides project-based learning during the school day as well as after hours for community use. The two spaces, both on different elevations, are creatively linked through a learning stair offering a myriad of different opportunities for every age.



ran_square_copy16.jpg   krystal_square_copy7.jpg   dave_f_square_copy15.jpg

chester_fernando_square.jpg   marissa_tonkay_square.jpg