SEI Staff Architect takes his work overseas!

Tags: SEI Staff Sustainability

On Friday, July 5th, SEI staff architect, Nic Przybocki (also a Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve) takes a small break from SEI duties to focus on U.S. Army duties. Nic is headed overseas, on annual duty with the U.S. Army Reserve, to help different countries build new communities, rebuild damaged communities, and help create more sustainable resources to improve the quality of living. With his experience from SEI, Nic is hoping to use that on his trip, as he helps to build schools and clinics for underserved communities.

He looks forward to collaborating with the communities and seeing how they interact with the new resources. “I’m excited to build basic, stable structures where children and adults can come and learn, and get cared for,” said Przybocki. “Providing the tools for an underserved population is what the goal is here.”

The team from SEI Architects is excited for your journey. We can’t wait to hear all about it!