Since our founding in 1959 by Victor Smolen, we at Smolen Emr Ilkovitch Architects pride ourselves in providing the highest level of design built on a foundation of technical excellence. Our passion for our profession and our product is inherent in the creativity and superb quality of our work. 

We excel in creating public places that become the center of their neighborhoods and the pride of their community. We achieve this through a collaborative process in which all stakeholders feel invested and ultimately have ownership of the project. 

We enjoy a challenge! We thrive on determining the feasibility of a project, modernizing buildings of the past, designing new facilities of the future, restoring historical structures, working within complex sites and urban environments, collaborating with large and active communities, and ultimately creating sustainable solutions which enhance the environment. 

The strength of our architecture firm is derived from the abilities of our professionals. SEI's architects contribute a balance of courage, spirit, and technical expertise to bring space to life. They invoke their vision and talent to enhance our client's purpose and achieve it within a budget and time frame. 

Our drive to consistently evolve and elevate our skills is driven by the honor of experiencing our contribution to the built environment and most of all, our client's joy.